Valentin Clinic, S.C.
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin  

Helping others find positive growth, building resilience, develop adaptive coping and effective problem solving skills.

Valentin Clinic S.C.
1220 Dewey Ave.
Wauwatosa, WI. 53213
414 454-6514
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A comprehensive Certified Behavioral Health & Substance Disorders Clinic serving individuals, couples, families.

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The Valentin Clinic is an outpatient mental health clinic located in Wauwatosa, WI. We diagnose and treat children, adolescents and adults utilizing proven evidenced based interventions.

Modes of treatment offered: individual, couples and group therapy. Groups are offered for: teens, adults and couples. These options will be discussed with you and your therapist during initial sessions. Selection of mode will be determined based on individual needs.

Group Therapy: our groups are skill building (understanding that there are times in our lives that the approaches to managing our emotions, and situations either have stop being effective, or we just need some new approaches).

Our skill building groups are designed to help you learn how to identify and cope with distressing thoughts, feelings and situations.